Susana Maria Pereira da Silva


The analysis of the trends of international research revealed a number of strategic opportunities for various tourism products, ten of which were selected, depending on their market share and growth potential, and Portugal’s ability and potential, which are based on a set of policy for development and qualification tourism research. A relatively heterogeneous group consisting of Sun and Sea, Nature Tourism, Nautical Tourism, Integrated Resorts and Residential Tourism, Business Tourism, Golf, Food and Wine, Health and Wellness, Cultural Touring and City Breaks.
Health and Wellness is the product that deserves our attention, specifically the segment of thermal complexes, a primordial product, because of the quantity and quality of them, the potential market and above all because it is a product that has maintained the margin of the major global tourism circuits, both national and international, although it had a big potential to occupy a prominent place as before, principally at the Central Region of Portugal. 
The product of Health and Wellness was defined as a priority 2 sector in the area of intervention of the Regional Entity Tourism Portugal Center (TCP) and, based on the thermal characteristics of the central region, an action plan was prepared for the thermal sector that even today has a concrete and objective gap in terms of business planning as thermal tourism.
This plan seeks to bring together in one document, not only the various guidelines and considerations for the health and wellness sector, which were produced over time, from various means, but disperse, but also, this plan will set forth a new set of measures based on the analysis of its vulnerabilities and strengths, providing a basic working tool or a starting point for future interventions.
This study is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of this product in the Central region of Portugal. These product guidelines are aiming to be an outline for both local power and thermal complexes. This can be implemented and have set guidelines for more effective planning of thermal and territories and for be progressively diluting the planning mistakes that have been committed and continue to be committed and have undertaken the attractiveness and viability of the thermal sector in this territory.

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