Aspectos del uso y valoración del agua subterránea en el estado de Tlaxcala abstract
Tesis doctorales de Economía



Aspectos del uso y valoración del agua subterránea en el estado de Tlaxcala: Un análisis desde una perspectiva social


María de Lourdes Hernández Rodríguez



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This research was done in the state of Tlaxcala, with the objective of knowing which are the factors that represent an influence in the valuation of the subterranean water in a semi-arid region from the environmental, social, economical and institutional dimensions, in order to finally propose assignation and distribution criteria. This work is considered partially as retrospective, because part of the information that was used to make it, was available before the field research. The other part was obtained through 166 surveys made to the different consuming uses representatives over the state: agricultural, urban-public and domestic, industrial and of services. By the same way this research worked with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), used to determine the limits of the Atoyac-Zahuapan, Soltepec, Huamantla and Emiliano Zapata aquifers, and to establish the geographic position of 1128 deep wells. With the available information comparisons were differences made for determining the number of wells and the allowed volume of water for each aquifer, water uses and study year. The same was done with all the field work data for analysing the use, availability, possession sense of the water, operation costs and organization from the users view perspective, as comprehending water valuation tools.

Key words

Aquifer, water availability, water use, water property

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