Vol 6, Nº 14 (junio/junho 2013)


Alastair Thirkettle y Maximiliano E. Korstanje (CV)

On this short paper, we explore the nature of tourism, its first steps and evolution according to the diverse ways of defining this rite of passage. What we have clear is that tourism is after all a rite, a rite of passage like many others, where the traveller suffers a dislocation, a rupture between the self and others. Over years, we have been educated under the paradigm that tourism should be considered as a commercial trip, exclusively from profits and business. This not only is not true, but also presents a trouble image of tourism that has been critically attacked by social science. If God created the universe as sacred texts say, the sixth day he rested. Of course he did not tourism, and in that epoch Adam & Eve did not know tourism, but what is important to discuss is that many cultures in the world focused on the right of rests and displacement to create a more than interesting forms of Anglo-Tourism.

Key Words: Epistemology, Tourism, Displacement, Trips.  

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