Andalusian University Foundation “Inca Garcilaso”

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In accordance to its statutes, the Foundation seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

1º To promote the economic and social development of Latin American countries by providing assistance with education at university level, training of university lecturers and promoting research on economic, juridical and social themes maximizing the tools available through the internet.

2º To promote the interest and international prestige of the Andalusian Community and its universities in relation to their cultural, education and research projection towards Latin America.

3º To collaborate with the Andalusian universities, Andalusian research teams and, especially, with the research team eumednet
, in providing support to development and transnational education via internet.


The activities carried out by the Foundation include:

a) To develop pedagogic material in Spanish that would be freely distributed through internet.

b) To organize courses to be freely offered through internet.

c) To edit and publish freely, in internet, books, journals and series of texts.

d) To organize Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences mainly though not exclusively through the internet.


The fundamental objective of the Andalusian University Foundation “Inca Garcilaso” is the study of the Latin American economy and society in order to promote its development.

Our Foundation seeks to ground itself on solid and deep foundations, and such pillars within Latin American societies are precisely the pre-Columbian cultures.

In Cuzco, the birthplace of the Inca Garcilaso, and in a street that he probably walked often in his youth, there is a solid stone wall typical of the buildings of pre-Columbian Peru. One of these stones has been adopted as our logo.

The configuration of lines that mark the logo could also be interpreted as forming a net, lines connecting nodes, contacts or mutual support. The very concepts that are the life-blood of our projects.

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El conjunto de métodos aplicados al conocimiento de la ciencia, derivan de la Epistemología, que es una rama de la filosofía. La Epistemología es la aplicación de los principios de la Teoría del Conocimiento, en este caso, al conocimiento de la ciencia Económica. Al dar comienzo a esta obra, postulo que la ciencia económica y, con ella, su método, es la más teñida por los intereses ideológicos.
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