James A. Mirrlees (1936-)

Premiu Nobel  nobel_25.gif (2335 bytes)1996

Economist britanic, profesor la Cambridge  University, obtine Premiul Nobel in economie in 1996, impartit cu  William Vickrey pentru contributiile sale fundamentale la teoria economica a stimulentelor prin informatii asimetrice.


"A New Model of Economic Growth", with N. Kaldor, 1962, RES 
"Optimum Growth When Technology is Changing", 1967, RES 
"The Dynamic Nonsubstitution Theorem", 1969, RES 
"The Evaluation of National Income in an Imperfect Economy", 1969, Pak Dev Review 
"Optimal Taxation and Public Production", with P.A. Diamond, 1971, AER 
"An Exploration in the Theory of Optimal Income Taxation", 1971, RES 
"On Producer Taxation", 1972, RES 
"Agreeable Plans", with P.J. Hammond, 1973, in Mirrlees and Stern, editors, Models of Economic Growth 
"Aggregate Production with Consumption Externalities",with P.A. Diamond, 1973, QJE 

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James A. Mirrlees

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