Gottfried von Haberler (1900-1995)

Membru al scolii austriace, discipol al lui Wieser si von Mises si profesor la Viena, se transfera la Harvard in 1936. Lucreaza in teoria comertului international si in teoria ciclurilor.


Theory of International Trade (1936) 

Prosperity and Depression (1937) 

Der Sinn der indexzahlen, 1927. 
"Irving Fisher's Theory of Interest", 1931, QJE. 
"Money and the Business Cycle", 1932, in Wright, editor, Gold and Monetary Stabilization 
Der Internationale Handel, 1933. 
The Theory of International Trade, 1936. 
"Mr Keynes' Theory of the Multiplier", 1936, ZfN 
Prosperity and Depression: A theoretical analysis of cyclical movements, 1937. 

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Gottfried von Haberler

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"The General Theory After Ten Years", 1947, in Harris, editor, The New Economics. 
"Sixteen Years Later", 1962, in Lekachman, editor, Keynes's General Theory. 
"The Market for Foreign Exchange and the Stability of the Balance of Payments", 1949, Kyklos. 
"Some Problems in the Pure Theory of International Trade", 1950, EJ. 
"The Pigou Effect Once More", 1952, JPE. 
"Sixteen Years Later", 1963, in Lekachman, editor, Keynes' General Theory 
"Integration and Growth of the World Economy in perspective", 1964, AER. 
Money in the International Economy, 1965. 
Inflation: Its causes and cures, 1966. 
"Monetary and Fiscal Policy for Economic Stability and Growth", 1967, Il Politico. 
"Theoretical Reflections on the Trade of Socialist Countries", 1968, in Brown and Neuberger, editors, International Trade and Central Planning. 
Incomes Policy and Inflation, 1971. 
Economic Growth and Stability, 1974. 
Two Essays on the Future of the International Monetary Order, 1974. 
The World Economy and the Great Depression, 1976. 


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