El desarrollo humano en China
y su medición territorial

Elier Méndez Delgado
Noemi Chen Ying
Alejandro Guo Wei




This work is analyzed among other contents, territorial and the human regional scale development of China in their last 3 decades, as well as their performance, emphasizing the existing successes and problems. Its main target is to measure the human development in the cities, provinces and regions of China. For this a set of selected indicators studies and analyzes that are synthesized to conform an index; for the calculation of this one statistical programs were used and analyses graphics based and tables were made as it is pordrá to appreciate in the development of he himself.

In last the three decades, China has registered the economic development more express of the world; this country has been transformed for good into several dimensions that affect of mamera key the human development of China; as much in the social thing, the economic thing like the cultural thing; however, still problems persiten that will be due to work in the next years. The inequality of the human development of each space of the country is one of the problems to solve, reason why it will be due to tabjar for it. In such east sense work can coayubar to this objective.

The present work structure in two chapters: first it presents/displays conceptual and methodologic aspects, as well as the antecedents and particularitities of the regional development of China, also detail to the fundamental theories of the regional economic development of China and the stages of the territorial development of that country; the second analyzes the indicators that characterize developing Human, and in addition classifies the localities in different levels from development according to the results of the IDHT; finally the strategies of development of China are analyzed here to face the regional imbalances.

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