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ANEXO 1 – Biografía de Lin Yutang


Gran parte de esta información fue lograda por medio la gentil colaboración de Irene Rutledge del Chinese Historical and Cultural Proyect.


Lin Yutang (1895 – 1976)


“Writer and philologist, born in Lun-chi, China. He studied at Shanghai, Harvard, and Leipzig, became professor of English at Peking (1923 - 1926), and Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1927). He lived mainly in the USA from 1936, and was also Chancellor of Singapore University (1954 – 1955). He is best know for his numerous novels, essays, and anthologies relating to Chinese wisdom and culture, and as co-author  of the official romanization plan for the Chinese alphabet”.


Alguna literatura desarrollada por Lin Yutang:


“The Wisdom of Confucius”

“The Wisdom of Laotse”

“Between tears and laughter”

“Famous Chinese short stories”

“Gay genius”

“Importance of Living”

“Lady Wu”

“Moment in Peking”

“My Country and my people”

“Red peony”