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Author/s:Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq
Title:«UN Humanitarian Intervention in East Timor. A Critical Appraisal»
(Intervención Humanitaria de la ONU en Timor Oriental. Una visión crítica)
Section:Dossier: Muslim World and Occidentalism. Fall 2006
Abstract:This paper is an attempt to critically assess the 1999 United Nations intervention in East Timor, including subsequent peacekeeping and administrative operations, in order to ascertain firstly whether the intervention can be categorized as a humanitarian operation, and secondly whether the intervention can be judged as a humanitarian success based on adherence to humanitarian principles. My thesis is that the UN intervention in East Timor fails dismally on both counts, in terms of humanitarian intent and humanitarian success.
Keywords:East Timor, UN Humanitarian Intervention
JEL code:F54
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Citation:Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq (2006): "UN Humanitarian Intervention in East Timor. A Critical Appraisal". Entelequia. Revista Interdisciplinar, 02, Fall 2006. Pages 227-244.
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